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Writer's Block: RIP Michael Jackson

My favorite songs by Michael Jackson are "You Are Not Alone" ,"Your Rock My World", "Black or White"

Writer's Block: Streaming

My favorite site to listen to music online is praise1009fm.com.I like it because it is a radio station that plays live music.

Writer's Block: Dream Vacations

The vacations i would like to take in five years are as follows.
1. The Bahamas
3. Bermuda

My Desire For A Husband

One day my pastor told me that she see me married one day. I never believed it because I had no self esteem. I was too shy for a husband and way to immature. But one day my shyness left for good. I had my self esteem like never before. I found out that I was worth having a husband. So I went to God and prayed for a husband. I told him what I wanted. I don't want just anybody. I was very specific about what I wanted. Infact I was so specific I am going to tell you how specific I was. Here is my prayer.
Lord,  I am coming to you as humbledas a servant. My desire is to be married. I don't want just anybody God.So I am going to tell you the qualities he must have.
1) He must be saved. Born and raised in the spirit. He must not only talk the talk but he must also walk the walk.
2)He must love God, his family and his wife.
3) he must be faithful.I don't want a cheating husband.
4)he must be honest and real.
5) He must be kind sweet and gentle.
6)He must want kids.
7)We must have alot in common.
8)He must be supportive of my dreams and beliefs.

These are the qualifications he must posess to become my husband. So I know that my husband is on the way.


Writer's Block: Listen to This

If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
I personally listen to gospel music,however, it depends on the person, the type of music they are looking for and what the occasion is or what the music is for. If the person is looking for music to uplift their spirit, I would reccomend James Fortune and Shekinah Glory. Love songs would be Keyshia cole.